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3 month - "Empowerment" Coaching, 1 on 1 coaching package

per month for 3 months ($900.00 total)
Your 3 month Empowerment Health Coaching Package

This package is perfect for those looking to get clear about their health and well being. It's a fit for those ready to take some action. If you're serious, I'm ready for you.

A) I am moderately healthy, but I am not feeling my best. I'm tapped. My mood is all over the place. my libido isn't what it used to be. Caffeine, Merlot, salty snack, Ben & Jerry's... I hate to admit it, but they're regulars in my arsenal. I just want my mojo back and I'm ready to:
-- make myself and my health a priority
-- maximize my energy
-- improve my mental clarity
-- balance my mood
-- support my immune system
-- find some solutions for my stress
-- get my gut in gear
-- set myself up for sleep that satisfies

B) I have a chronic condition, difficult diagnosis or just know that I need help! I'm not sure what my next steps are... what my options are, even! But, I'll tell you that I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. My friends and family don't always get it --- that some parts of my life are like a nightmare; that I'm scared and overwhelmed; that I'm barely treading water. What I'm doing isn't working. I want my life back.

I am ready to:
-- uncover the food and life triggers for my pain, stiffness, fatigue and mood and learn what I can do to balance these things so I feel better
-- transition to a specific nutritional approach OR find out which one is a fit for me
-- shift into my "new normal" with Sarah as my guide on the side providing practical tips that will bring my every day back to okay
-- learn how to incorporate strategies and modalities that will support my long-term health

What do I get?
-- intake session with a 30 day plan based on your health goals; we will revise and tweak your plan each month based on progress (block off 60-90 minutes for this session)

-- 5 x 60-minute sessions within 90 days via Zoom, phone or in person(if you are local to the 03057 area)

-- 1x21-day Seasonal Detox plan with daily email support and access to the Group forum.

-- Email access in between sessions and SOS text support

-- Recipes and Meal examples tailored to Y-O-U

-- Cupboard, fridge and medicine cabinet assessment and makeover plan

-- Access to Sarah's Private Coaching forum

Once you complete your 90 days with Sarah you can choose to continue or add a few sessions here and there to keep you moving forward. Whatever your choice, feel secure knowing that Sarah will be available to support you.

6 month -- "Momentum" Coaching, a 1 on 1 intensive

per month for 6 months ($3000.00 total)
You're here. Sit with your feet on the ground and try to position yourself comfortably with your back straight and your chin up. Take a deep breath. Settle into your body and let's dive into your story.

This 6-month program is for you if you're struggling. The answers you've been getting aren't making anything clearer. The protocol you've been following isn't making anything better. The options you've been given are crazy and you're scared that life won't get any better than this... that this body is a trap and this pain is a curse and this journey is your cross to bear. Your emotions are all over the map: some days the pain is blinding, some days you are numb to the world, some days the anxiety is crippling and some days... well, some days getting out of bed seems ridiculous and the thought of pulling on underwear, hooking a bra, and zipping up seem like torture if you can do them at all. You feel like people look at you and think -- "wow, she's really let herself go" -- or maybe, even worse, they think -- "she doesn't LOOK sick" --

If you've shed some tears over your situation or feel helpless, this program is for you.

If you feel like you're chasing your tail, this program is for you.

If you want support in finding a better way... in finding YOUR way, then this program is for you.

Maybe you want to avoid the major med route or maybe you want to embrace it.

Maybe you're tired of slugging down fists full of expensive supplements, or you're really pissed off at your growing collection of bottles that offer promises, promises without delivering relief.

Wherever you stand, you're about integrating your choices with nutrition and a nourishment plan that includes practical skills for daily living in your skin; for stress relief and better sleep; for quality poop everyday... twice a day, if you're a superstar; for healthy sex if you're into it; for relationships and soul satisfying spiritual work; for sweat and lymph movement; for freedom from pain and renewal of purpose; for an understanding of the seasons and cycles of your life and environment -- identifying the challenges and empowerment opportunities and learning how to harness them; it's for those bits and pieces that all together help you feel like you...

You need to hear that your body is capable of regaining balance. You need to breathe it. You need to believe it.

You need to take charge here and take back your power.

If you are ready to shift your set point and dive deep, then this program is for you. I'm for you. I will show up for you and stand by you.
But, I only work with people who are willing to work... because I can't do it for you. So you have to be ready.

Go ahead and set those feet on the floor again and sit tall in yourself. Breathe into the lowest lobes of your lungs with me for 1- 2- 3 - 4 hold 5- 6 exhale 7- 8- 9 and 10. Breathe in again, thinking about any resistance. Breath out reservations and fears. Breathe in clarity and confidence. With every breath you own your life, you engage it. Isn't it time to own your path?

What you get:

* Everything in the 3-month program except your sessions increase:
11 x 60-minute sessions within 180 days (2 per month) via Zoom, phone or in person(if you are local to the 03057 area)


* 3x30-minute Focus sessions -- schedule them as needed during our 6 months together -- these are great when you just need some extra support!

* Weekly recommendations via email: This means that I will help you get comfortable with meal planning and recipes. We will work to uncover what foods and choices are best suited to you based on your lifestyle and on your physical needs and then work with those! We will be touching base and tweaking things in real time because you live a real life in the real world and deserve real support.

* A 21-day seasonally appropriate whole food detox plan. Yours, with extra special daily support during the detox days. This alone is amazing but coupled with your long-term work, you will find that you will go deeper and get more results than if you don't address and reduce your toxic load.

All of this is yours.
My commitment is yours.
My shoulder, my ear and supportive hugs galore are also included!

NOTE: I only accept a few 6-month clients at a time because of the intensive and personalized nature of the program. If you are considering a 6-month intensive with me and the option is not available, please contact me so we can discuss availability.

Reiki - Gift Certificate

Sarah is a Reiki Master practitioner who specializes in working with people who struggle with chronic pain. Everyone can benefit from Reiki, however. Reiki is the practice of accessing and balancing energy in the body. This gentle practice is said to triggers a release of feel-good hormones, reduces heart rate and blood pressure, lessens perceived pain and aid the healing process. Sarah's clients include children, cancer patients, busy men & women struggling with stress, parents interested in learning Reiki to help their children and also animals --- Sarah will work with dogs and cats, but a short 10-minute consult is required prior to booking a pet session.

For Reiki sessions, clients need to be comfortable on a massage table, fully clothed. Be prepared to be relaxed. Many clients report feeling more calm, relaxed and refreshed than they do after a massage! You have to try it!